Personal Training held in Fulwood, Preston at GymWorks Fulwood

Transform your body. Transform your life.

Transform your body.

Transform your life.

Ready for change?

Do you have the willingness to change? The ability to go outside your comfort zone? The hunger to reach your full potential? If yes, you are my perfect client and I want to train you! I will help you build the foundations, progressing you at a set rate so that you achieve quality results without injury.

Have patience?

Evolution by definition is the gradual development of something. For you to evolve your body you must also evolve your mind. Nothing in the evolution of mankind happened over night, yet so many wish to change the way they look or perform in the blink of an eye.

You want the best?

I offer you a service of quality. If you want a quick fix or a cheap service then this is not for you. Everything is planned and tracked, sessions are adapted to you. I provide a 5* service for those wanting 5* results. When it comes to my clients, I’m serious about your progress, my goal is to make sure you achieve your goal.

Life Changing

My aim is not just to get you physically fit and mentally stronger, but to help improve your overall life. By having improved confidence and heightened self-esteem, you may well perform better in work, business and social situations!

Unbeatable Motivation

At The Body Geek, you receive a first class service from day 1 until the day you wish to depart from the program, after which you will have both the knowledge and the confidence to go it alone. The only thing that will make you want to stay, is our unbeatable motivation.

Get looked after

On departure you have the opportunity to go onto the aftercare program. You will be provided with a program where you will have the skills, knowledge and confidence to train alone.

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