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Is it for you?

Ready for change?

Do you have the willingness to change? The ability to go outside your comfort zone? The hunger to reach your full potential? If yes, you are my perfect client and I want to train you! I will help you build the foundations, progressing you at a set rate so that you achieve quality results without injury.

Have patience?

Evolution by definition is the gradual development of something. For you to evolve your body you must also evolve your mind. Nothing in the evolution of mankind happened over night, yet so many wish to change the way they look or perform in the blink of an eye.

You want the best?

I offer you a service of quality. If you want a quick fix or a cheap service then this is not for you. Everything is planned and tracked, sessions are adapted to you. I provide a 5* service for those wanting 5* results. When it comes to my clients, I’m serious about your progress, my goal is to make sure you achieve your goal.

Life Changing

My aim is not just to get you physically fit and mentally stronger, but to help improve your overall life. By having improved confidence and heightened self-esteem, you may well perform better in work, business and social situations!

Unbeatable Motivation

At The Body Geek, you receive a first class service from day 1 until the day you wish to depart from the program, after which you will have both the knowledge and the confidence to go it alone. The only thing that will make you want to stay, is our unbeatable motivation.

Get looked after

On departure you have the opportunity to go onto the aftercare program. You will be provided with a program where you will have the skills, knowledge and confidence to train alone.

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6 Benefits of PT

Why will Personal Training benefit me?

Personal training has more benefits than just getting in shape, it can enhance your overall life in many areas. When you think about a fitness journey with a personal trainer, consider some of the points below.

Get Educated

Health and fitness involves everything from exercise, nutrition, lifestyle and good daily habits. Your personal trainer is always learning and evolving, adapting to clients so they receive the best service possible. Learn how to train correctly gaining knowledge of exercises and training methods, without the need of spending hours of your time researching through the jumble of information on the internet!

Get Coached Professionally

When it comes to performing an exercise, your top priority should always be correct technique. With correct technique, you gain all the benefits of the exercise, while also preventing injury which can be caused from poor form. Having a certified personal trainer there to coach you through the exercises will make sure your technique is correct, which will also give you more confidence when exercising alone!

Receive Personalised Workout Programs

Being able to talk to your personal trainer will allow you to get across your goal and needs. With further assessment of your current fitness levels, experience and any injuries; your coach can then design a bespoke program for you. Designed to get you where you want to be, in the most effective and time efficient way possible!

Training for an Event?

A personal trainer can help get you ready for a specific event. Your method of training for a marathon, would vary to that of a boxing match or a Tough Mudder! Get yourself a motivator, an effective program and then smash your training and kill your event!

You’re Held Accountable

Many gym goers will float around the gym not knowing what to do before half-heartedly putting in 3 sets of 10 reps on a few exercises; then going home and not eating the right nutrition. When you have a personal trainer, you know you have to follow the plan and put the work in! Why? Because they will know if you haven’t! This accountability to your PT is what drives many people on to success with their goals.

Somebody to Talk to

Getting in shape and improving your fitness will naturally improve your mental health. Benefits include releasing stress, improving your confidence and increasing your self-esteem. As well as that, your PT can also become somewhat of a therapist if needed. You can tell them things that may be on your mind that you don’t wish to tell others. Knowing that everything you say is kept confidential, can give the freedom to get things of your chest. Although that’s not necessarily fitness related, it can help with overall well-being!

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