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My journey into the fitness industry began when I started boxing at the age of 9. It was boxing that taught me the significance of having a strong mind, but it also gave a me a reason to be super fit. I realised that to improve, it requires not just hard work, but smart work.

You see, you can work very hard all day every day, but if what you are doing is wrong, then it’s all just a waste of time. Nothing has ever given me more confidence than the feeling of being fit. In boxing, by being fit people will automatically respect you, even if they don’t know you. They know what fitness means, and so do you.

Not just in boxing but in life, fitness will provide you with confidence, energy and a higher feeling of self-worth. You feel you can achieve anything. Your mind and body are strong and connected as one. Your body no longer holds you back, you become more productive and you strive for better. Think of what more you could achieve, from better grades to career promotions, or growing companies and making a change.

Currently exercise is mainly carried out by those who play sports, enjoy doing it or those wanting to change their appearance. These are all great reasons. However, if you do not play sport, do not enjoy exercise or want to change the way you look, why would you exercise?

My ideas are intended to change the way you view exercise. I want one of two things; to either reinforce the reasons why you exercise, or give you reason to exercise. My mission is to improve not just your health and fitness, but also your mind-set. Hit the peak of your potential, and become a Body Geek health freak!

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