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5* Personal Training in Preston – Held exclusively at GymWorks Fulwood

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Change the way you view exercise

Gain reason to exercise

Reinforce the reasons why you exercise

Improve your health, fitness & mind-set

Gain Muscle

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Fat Loss
Muscle Gain
Meal Preperation
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Personal training with 

The Body Geek

Do you have the willingness to change? The ability to go outside your comfort zone? The hunger to reach your full potential? If yes, I want to train you. You are my perfect client, and I promise you results. I promise you so much, that if after 3 months you haven’t achieved our agreed goal, all investment towards your health and fitness goals will be refunded.

What others say about The Body Geek

I was scared of personal trainers, having seen a few at various gyms. A friend recommended The Body Geek and seriously what a difference it was. He has a great approach to training, with constant support and encouragement from both Kyle and other clients on the same path.

DavidHopeless Trier

The Body Geek has taught me so much, given me confidence in the gym and helped me achieve my goals, in a manor that was compatible with my lifestyle. I’m 44 and have never been as body confident as I am now I wear clothes that I didn’t feel comfortable in before and The Body Geek has given me that confidence.

Andrea2 stone down and counting

I’ve been with The Body Geek for just over 3 years now. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. The service he gives is tailed to each of his clients and whether you are with him for the long haul or just a short while he always gives 100% to help you achieve your goal.

Maxi Never giving up

I started to feel low about how I looked. Having joined and left several gyms, tried out most diets and fallen off the wagon every time, I got in touch with Kyle at The Body Geek. He has been really supportive and helped me to understand what I need to be doing in order to lose body fat consistently and to keep it off. Really happy with my results, couldn’t be happier.


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